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Curriculum and Sample Lesson Plans

Sample curriculum and schedule based on 12 lessons
(can be expanded or abridged as needed) 

  • Consultant meets with participating science teachers to tailor the Science Fair to the needs of the school: 
  • Decide which grade(s) will participate 
  • Choose areas of focus 
  • Survey available lab or classroom space as well as lab materials 
  • Choose appropriate and manageable experiments 

Each of the following lessons is modeled first by the consultant and then carried out independently by science teachers during additional sections. 

Overview (sample teacher and student copies of lessons)
Lesson 1-2: Students carry out a teacher-designed experiment from start to finish. 
sample lessons (teacher and student copies)

Lesson 3-4: Pre-project team building activity e.g. “Designing a new event for the Olympics.”  Students work in teams to construct rules for a new and original Olympic event. Students learn that all experiments are basically competitions and the key to designing a good experiment is figuring out who is competing and how to make the rules fair. Student teams present the rules for their games, while other students give constructive criticism. 

Lesson 5: Initial research proposal – Student teams choose research questions and write up initial research proposals requesting materials and outlining the basic experimental design. 
sample lessons (teacher and student copies)

Lesson 6: “What comes first, the experiment or the procedure?” - Students carry out experiments in order to improve and refine their experimental design as opposed to simply getting results. 

Lesson 7-8: Recording Data – Students prepare data tables, carry out improved versions of their experiments, and record results. 

Lesson 9-10: Data Analysis – Students analyze their data and graph their results. Students discuss results and sources of error. They draw conclusions and suggest additional research questions that relate to what they have learned from their projects. 

Lesson 11-12: Science Poster – Students use guidelines for scientific poster to produce a poster summarizing their work.

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